Information about the Insurance Market in Puerto Rico

Continental Risk was a certified insurance company in the commonwealth of Puerto Rico active for some time. It is our intent now to provide you with the most complete set of resources for those wising to obtain insurance in Puerto Rico. Our focus here will be for those seeking car insurance, other types of property insurance or general property and casualty.

Top Government Resources

Top Insurance Companies in Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rican insurance market is markedly different than the mainland one in several regards, not the least of which is that no mainland carriers serve Puerto Rico – the island being dominated by either local carriers or carriers that focus on the Latin American market.

  • Universal Insurance Largest insurance company in Puerto Rico, has a long standing history and is known for offering some of the most complete coverages.
  • MAPFRE Insurance company of Spanish origin with a large focus and pressence in all Latin American markets including Puerto Rico. Publishes a yearly report on the state of the insurance industry in Latin America
  • MultiNational – Company of venezuelan origin whose growth in the years since Hurricane Maria has been significant.

Top Insurance Brokers in Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico, one must

  • HUB CLC – Carrion Lafitte y Cassella sold to HUB International – a private equity firm – in one of Puerto Rico’s largest private exits. Today, they are a full service broker with expertise in many areas.
  • Fulcro Insurance – Headquartered in Old San Juan, FULCRO has a long history of providing complete solutions for commercial clients.
  • Dynamic Insurance Solutions – Dynamic is a broker who focuses on educating the consumer about their policies and has several useful pieces of content on their website.
  • Christiansen Insurance – Christianses also provides solutions for property and casualty insurance for both commercial and personal packages.
  • Olympic Insurance Agency – Provides benefits services for companies needing to provide for their employees.